Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Beam?

Beam is a secure, simple, transparent, temporary location sharing app – we call this sharing “Beaming.”

Beam requests are as simple as:

  • “Pick me up”
  • “I'm here”
  • “Let's meet here”
  • “On my way”
  • “Where are you?”

Beaming someone means that person will see your location and you will see his or her location on a map in real time for the duration of the Beam or until you meet, when the Beam will automatically end.

Q. How much does Beam cost to use?

To download and use the app is free.

Contact us for costs relating to Beam-Enabling an event or place for you.

Q. Who can view my location?

Beam is 1:1 sharing. Think of it in this way: when you place a phone call to someone, only that person receives it. A Beam works the same – the only person who can see your location is a person you have Beamed or who has Beamed you. You both must agree to Beam at that time before you are connected and start sharing locations.

If you have multiple Beams running at once the same rules apply, your sharing is 1:1. Your friends cannot see each other.

Q. Why is the Beam time set to one hour?

There are no surprises. It's simple, temporary and you know what to expect.

Q. Can I extend the Beam time for more than one hour?

No. However, you can top up the Beam time back to one hour at any time, but the person you're sharing with will be notified with a message.

Q. How do I know if a particular contact can see my location?

You can use the Beam Bar at the footer of the phone screen to easily determine this:

  • a blue circle means you're sharing your location with this person
  • an orange circle means you've requested to Beam with someone but they haven't yet accepted
  • a grey circle means that you're not sharing with this person

Additionally, when you tap a contact on the Beam bar you will see a specific update on your Beam status bar at the top of the phone screen such as “Your location is not being shared with Kam,” or “Sarah has not accepted your Beam request.”

Q. Can I stop sharing my location?

Yes. You can stop a Beam anytime and therefore stop sharing your location with that contact. Simply tap the contact on the Beam Bar, then swipe or tap to open the Beam curtain. You will see the option to stop the Beam or to cancel a pending Beam request.

Keep in mind this is 1:1 sharing, so you can end a Beam with one contact and continue with another.

Q. What does “Last seen” mean?

This is a flag to show you the last location of a contact if the Beam connection gets lost due to Internet or data service interruption such as a lost WiFi signal or bad cell coverage. Or it might be that your contact needs to charge his or her phone.

Q. What does “Last shared" mean?

This is a flag to show you the location you and a contact were located the last time you Beamed.

Q. How frequently does Beam update my location?

Your location is transmitted every 15 seconds for the duration of the Beam.

Q. How far can a Beam reach?

You can use Beam to share your location with contacts all over the world. And, if you are traveling, you can still Beam as long as you have either a WiFi or data connection.

Do note that, if you are not using WiFi, you will be using your phone data plan so, if you are traveling overseas, make sure you sign up for data roaming. Beam sends tiny bits of data regularly. It's nothing like the demands of something like streaming video, but a data connection is needed when you are Beaming.

Q. Do I have to sync my contact list?

Yes we request that you give Beam access to your contact list so we can give you the very best Beam experience.

We value you privacy and we do not and will not ever sell or share your personal information with anyone.

Q. What happens when I Beam someone without the app?

We'll send the person a text message containing a link to download the Beam app. All he or she needs to do is click on the link. Once your contact has installed the app, your Beam request will be there waiting for him or her to accept.

Q. Does sharing my location reduce my battery life?

Yes it does. However, we are very conscious of this and do everything we can to minimize the impact on your battery.

A few things we do to cut down on battery drain while using Beam:

  • As soon as you meet your contact we expire your Beam with that person.
  • If you have the app running in the background, we will not engage your phone for updates on your location until you have an active Beam so we aren't drawing on your battery unnecessarily.

Q. Who is Beam?

The Beam team is a group of people who love what they do and take connecting people on the go pretty seriously!

Our very dedicated team works out of the U.S., Europe and South Africa.

Beam Inc. head office is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Locate us here :
50 Milk St,
MA 02109

Contact us here:




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